Field Bunches

The Beginning

Almost 20 years ago we first set eyes on this beautiful piece of land here on Chandlers Hill in the Onkaparinga Hills of SA. The attraction was the quiet space for our children and beautiful pockets of gardens everywhere.

As the family grew so did the house and the grounds. The property had lots of stables, work sheds, small shade houses and such a vast variety of Flowers everywhere.

Camelias, Bougainvillea, Cottage Roses, Tea Roses, Lilies, Hydrangeas and such an extensive range of Australian native flora.

Surprisingly, I also discovered Cymbidium Orchids growing in the gardens. I knew so little about them back then, but as my curiosity and love affair grew so did my collection of them.

City of Orchids

City of Orchids was named as such because the farm literally began to look like a City made of orchids, also because so many of our orchids were sourced from all over South Australia.

Many of our orchids have their name and history documented due to being highly prized flowers. Good colour, size, attractive shapes, long vase life, resistance to disease and good natural production all determine a good variety and highly prized flower.

We are a very hands-on farm, and we work with the seasons of the year and the natural cycle of the Flowers as opposed to growing Flowers in monster hyper-technical artificial environments.

Other orchids we grow are the phaleonopsis, oncidiums, zygopetalum and dendrobium orchids.

We have a love affair with flowers and grow a variety of other premium flowers.

We are a South Australian small flower farm moving into an online floristry. We thank all of you for your ongoing support to help our South Australian business.


The history of orchids is quite remarkable. These particular plants have existed on the planet for around 100 million years. The cymbidium orchid is described as the oldest cultivated of orchids and it is endemic to Australia.

The name cymbidium comes from the Latin word ‘cymba’ meaning boat thus cymbidium orchid is named as such due to its boat shaped Flowers and in particular its boat-shaped lip.

In our collection of cymbidium orchids we have natural species. The natural species of orchid showcase their own unique form of beauty. They are varied in their form. That is each petal differentiates from the other, they also vary in size and scent. They are far from being uniformed and stylized and seem much more fragile than the hybrid cymbidium orchids. We must appreciate the existence of the natural species for giving us the existence of the hybrid cymbidiums and so much more.

Our collection of hybrids is quite large. At present we house an extensive number of orchids. We have miniature and standard cymbidium orchids. They come in a wide range of spectacular colours and have a very pleasant light fragrance.

All our Flowers have an amazing factor about them. Their names often reflect their appearance, or their origin. Some are rather bright and bold such as “Diva” and “Showgirl”.  Others are quite reflective of different times of the year such as “Christmas Bell”. Flowers have also been dedicated to virtues such as “Patience” and “Love”. Others are simply breathtaking such as “Faultless Beauty” and “Full Moon”. Cymbidium Orchids have often been described as sensuous, exotic and timeless by writers.

Field Bunches
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